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How can Kimon Services help my business grow?

Kimon Services provide a vast selection of skilled admin professionals across various fields, available for dedicated employment in your business. Unlike freelancers, Kimon staff are committed solely to your projects, giving you full managerial control.

  • Diverse Expertise
    Choose from an extensive array of rigorously screened professionals, tailored to your specific industry needs. Whether it's hiring an individual or building a team, the decision is completely in your hands.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Incur expenses only for the remote employee you engage, with no additional overhead or hidden fees. Employ a qualified professional at an economical rate, potentially saving up to 65% on remote staffing.
How long have you been in business?

Michael Kitt and Ali Memon founded Kimon services in 2017 as a way for them to outsource from their other global businesses in a structured way.  Post COVID, they looked to offer the same service to other companies to help them save costs.

One important factor in that success is giving UK customers a UK business to deal with as it adds a lot of comfort compared to simply sending money abroad so Kimon Services (UK) Ltd was created in 2023.


Does Kimon pay the employees I hire well as per Indian law?

All employees at Kimon are paid remuneration packages above all industry norms. These are determined based on their experience and current market trends. All remunerations and facilities provided to Kimon employees are fully compliant with the Indian labor laws.

Kimon also strictly adheres to the Indian labor laws, which explicitly prohibits any under-age employment.

Are you basically a freelancer site? Do employees work from their homes?

In the words of Vicky Pollard, Yeah but, not but.  We offer a much more structured approach as the employee is dedicated to you and your business so they are always available and can be held accountable. 

We try to have as many people as possible working from home as it allows us to pass on cost savings.  We use modern collaboration tools to keep people engaged.  We do however offer the service of running dedicated offices for larger clients who are working with us on things like customer service teams or telemarketing.


Does Kimon hire third-party services for client requirements?

No. At Kimon, all the services provided to you are entirely in-house and the resources are on our payroll. We do not hire freelancers or third-party services.

How will Kimon ensure completion of my work?

Unlike freelancers, Kimon provides you with a dedicated employee who works exclusively for you, just like your in-house employee would.

Your remote employee isn't only with you for one project but works for you, reports to you, and is your resource, for as long you wish to retain him/her.

However,  we also train up their direct line manager on your work requirement so they can QC the qork and also step in to do the work if your employee is on leave.

What guarantees do Kimon provide?

At Kimon, the remote employee you hire works exclusively for you, which means that he/she will report directly to you and you have complete autonomy over the employee, just like you'd have in case of an in-house hiring. 

You have complete managerial and operational control over your employee. You can communicate with your employee any time of the day via Google, Teams, email, or phone and can even use project management tools to keep a holistic overview of his/her productivity/performance. Kimon can help you address your productivity concerns by installing tracking software on the employee's computer if required. However, in extreme cases. Kimon can be requested to intervene in the matter, which mostly relates to replacing the resource.

You keep calling them "your employee" Do I need to worry about Payroll Taxes, or HR issues etc?

Resources & Models

Why do I have to prepay or pay you in advance?

It is important to remember that you are not hiring services from us but are getting experts that work as your dedicated employees.

Because we are the employer of record for your employee we have to do things like give them notice if required. 

The prepay system allows us to bear the administrative and overhead charges, that include but are not limited to recruiting your employee and managing them etc to ensure their work efficiency.

Can I have a trial for a short duration just to check your services?

Absolutely!  We offer a 2 month trial to allow you to evaluate the process, the people, the work and the output. 

We can meet after a month to assess but we are confident that you will want the work to continue 🙂

Can I hire a full time/part-time/hourly employee?

Certainly. We offer a client-centric pay model that offers you the flexibility of hiring in a format that best suits your needs. In the full and part-time formats, the resources you hire will be dedicated solely to your projects, i.e. exclusivity.

However, in the hourly format, you are required to pre-purchase the minimum hours every month, wherein the resources are assigned to you as and when the need arises.

How can I ensure that the right person is hired for the position?

When you hire an employee through Kimon Services, satisfaction is a given.

At the outset we have a strict recruitment process that tests hard and soft skills. Your employee also goes through a detailed interview with a UK based manager  to confirm they are able to communicate well in English.

We will shortlist the best candidates down to a preferred 3 who we will present to you and you can decide whether to also interview if you have concerns or you can allow us to select the one we feel is the best.

How big a team can I make at Kimon Services?

That depends entirely on your manpower requirement. Whatever the number of employees you require , Kimon has the capacity to accomodate.

Can I hire an employee on a part-time basis and later on hire the same employee on a full-time basis?

Absolutely! The choice is always yours.  You decide what level of resource you need and for how long.  It is super simple to switch between full-time and part-time.

Would I get an employee working in my time zone?

That is entirely up to you.  We find that having measured output across a week is a better gauge than forcing specific hours, but if your work requires it we are happy to enforce it.

How many leaves does Kimon provide to the resource?

If you asked Michael or Ali directly they would say "too much".  But they are also strictly committed to providing the best work environment possible to Kimon employees so our employees get more leaves than any other known business in India.

We provide 9 compulsary days for all staff for things like Diwali, New year or Independence day and then our staff are able to use 25 more days during the year.  this is to accommodate the vast amount of religious festivals and allowing our staff to have a great work life balance.

However.  your work does not stop.  If your employee is off, you work will be done by a manager or member of the QC team who understands the requirements.

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The Best Approach To Outsourcing

The adage “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” holds true in the context of hiring practices, especially when considering offshore staffing. Opting for the cheapest labor from regions with lower living costs does not guarantee high-quality outcomes, irrespective of the location, be it India, your home country, or elsewhere.

Lower prices often reflect the level of expertise or quality of service provided. Freelancers might lack the necessary skills and experience for the task, and companies may not have favourable feedback from their clients. Consequently, this can lead to compromised work quality.

A more effective approach for offshore staffing, especially in countries like India where your company may have greater financial leverage, is to target top-tier talent. For instance, you can afford to hire the most accomplished Ph.D. students from prestigious universities in India, talents who would typically be employed by top local firms. This level of expertise might be unaffordable in your home country, where only major corporations like Google or Apple could hire such high-caliber candidates. By leveraging your stronger purchasing power in countries like India, you can secure exceptional talent that aligns with your specific needs.

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