UK outsourcing
UK outsourcing

Our Journey

Kimon Service’s co-founder Michael Kitt, originally ventured to India in 2010 whilst working for a serial entrepreneur who had infrastructure in Mumbai.

Having struggled to hire quality staff, the cost of employing UK people skyrocketing and dissatisfaction with remote staffing agencies in both Eastern Europe, Vietnam and the Philippines, he set up Kimon Services to provide cost effective "outsourced" operations for his own businesses in 2017.

India stood out as the ideal place, benefiting from a strong Western culture, high proficiency of the English language, a US syllabus university system and a time zone closer to the UK than the Philippines.

In 2019 Michael married in India only deepening his ties to the culture and economy.

Knowing other companies in the UK were facing similar skills-shortage issues, explosive employee costs, as well as also having had poor experiences with remote staffing, we have simply leveraged our existing infrastructure and extensive outsourcing business knowledge to benefit any company that needs it.

  • No PAYE employer contributions
  • No company pension contribution
  • No desk space allocation
  • UK Contact
  • Flexible Hiring (60 day notice)
  • Build teams fast

Our Mission

Our mission is to stand out as a top-tier talent acquisition partner. By recruiting exceptional talent, we deliver cost-effective outsourced employees to help businesses thrive in the new normal.

We are a long-term strategic partner for our clients and help them grow their business by minimising their staff costs and freeing up on-shore staff to focus on growing their business. 

Our Core Values

Solutionist Mindset

Solutionist Mindset

We tackle all challenges with a creative and problem-solving mindset



We constantly set and pursue ambitious targets aligned with the long term vision for Kimon



We are all individually accountable and reliable in fulfilling our promises

Honest & Genuine

Honest & Genuine

We are always honest and real. We think it's important to be straightforward and genuine in everything we do and every choice we make.



We confidently and clearly express ourselves whilst respecting the opinions of others.

Mutual Success

Mutual Success

We succeed as a team, prioritising partnerships and encouraging mutual growth

Our Management Team

Michael Profile Pic

Michael Kitt


Ali Profile Pic

Ali Memon


Ryan Profile Pic

Ryan Folland

Head of Sales

Outsourcing in UK

Bhanupriya Rawat

Marketing Manager

jessica jayapalan kimon services

Jessica Jayapalan

Business Head

shemaila eram kimon services

Shemaila Eram

Content Manager

We Already Work With The Best

Our model is a British operated entity with an offshore sister company allowing our customers to have a single point of contact for all their outsourced work.

Being a UK entity also means that our customers have an extra layer of legal protection instead of just sending money overseas.

We are registered with the ICO as a data controller and follow strict GDPR guidelines for data security where needed.